Sunday, 15 June 2014

National Booktrust Week - Molly (age 6) Reviews...

Molly (age 6) Reviews........

Title: Naughty Amelia Jane
Author: Enid Blyton

Illustrator: Deborah Allwright
Publisher: Egmont

Recommended Reading Age: 5+

Time It Took Me To Read It: Still reading it!
My Rating: 7/10

Front Cover      

This book is about a naughty doll called Amelia Jane who lives in a house with other toys.  When no one is looking, all the toys come to life.  They get up to lots of funny and strange things when they play together but Amelia Jane always causes trouble. 

She does lots of things that are naughty but some are very funny too.  I love reading this with my dad at bedtime.  This story makes me laugh!

The Amelia Jane Series

There are many titles in this series and all have the same lesson to be learnt - that being cruel or selfish has consequences. Amelia Jane always gets her comeuppance, whether it’s at the hands of the toys or because one of her tricks doesn't go as planned.  Despite her behaviour, the stories are funny and light-hearted and always make my girls laugh.

Have you read any Amelia Jane?  Did you read any new books this week to celebrate National Booktrust Week?  Let me know.  I'm always on the look out for new books!

Live Long and Prosper
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  1. Read this whole series with my son and daughter when they younger. Good choice!

    1. Thanks for your comment Tracey. Let me know if you've any books to share.


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